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I offer support at this time of uncertainty, anxiety, isolation and change. You do not have to be alone with your experiences, your thoughts, or your challenges. Talking with me gives a safe space for you to offload, see more clearly and be understood.

Why counselling?

Why choose counselling?

Talking openly with a trained counsellor is a very different experience to talking with a friend or relative. It is unusual in everyday life to feel able to say your inner thoughts aloud. Often you protect others or feel too wary of judgment to say exactly what you feel. Counselling helps you to hear yourself, to see your thoughts and feelings more clearly, to let go of limiting beliefs and move forward with your life.


Whether you are facing stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement or relationship issues, counselling can help you get back on track. Spending time in therapy increases your confidence as you recognise the choices that enable you to live a fulfilled life.

Ness Churn MBACP(Accred)

Why choose Ness?

I am a friendly, experienced counsellor who works in an open and honest way. I will support and encourage you to gently explore your situation and choices.  You will be encouraged to recognise how you feel and to move forward with a greater sense of self respect, self compassion and well being.


I value equality, honesty, individuality, fairness, appropriate humour and the right for each person to be free to live by their own values and wishes.


Having faced my own struggles I understand how challenging the events of life can be and how stress and despair can feel overwhelming. I see counselling as a journey that liberates and empowers.


Since qualifying as a therapeutic counsellor in 2008 I have experience of working with a wide variety of people and situations. 

What to expect...

When you can see your situation, relationships and life more clearly, you gain perspective, and find the way to move yourself forward. Although uncovering difficult feelings can be a challenge you are not alone, you are helped to express how you feel. While the work we do is serious and sometimes a challenge, the sessions are a place for smiles and laughter too.


If we are working together via email exchange, you will receive a detailed therapeutic response from me on a weekly basis. E-counselling gives you the opportunity via the 'written' word to really consider what you bring to therapy. For some people, writing an email or word document about their situation/hopes/fears/thoughts feels more comfortable than face to face therapy. You and I still develop a good working relationship, I still 'listen' well to all you say. Email exchange is simply a different yet just as effective way of us working together to help you find your way forward.

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